Blount Hospitality House    
"a home away from home for out-of-town family members of Huntsville area hospital patients"    

The Blount Hospitality House was the first hospitality house in the state of Alabama.  It opened 1980 as The Hospital Hospitality House of Huntsville, Inc.  The present House, now called the Blount Hospitality House, was completed in 1988.  The name of the house was changed to honor the tireless efforts and dedication of its original Executive Director, Mrs. Bernice Blount.  During the past three decades, the House has served over 30,000 guests from 58 Alabama counties, 44 other states, and 13 foreign countries.

"Thanks to Mrs. Blount for sharing her love by letting my family stay here.  You are a very special woman and have touched lives all over the United States."
Daughter of man in critical condition following a major heart attack

On February 22, 2006, the Blount Hospitality House Board of Directors held a retirement luncheon for Mrs. Bernice Blount to celebrate twenty-five years of dedicated service as the Executive Director.  Many of Bernice’s friends, as well as current and past board members spoke at the luncheon.  Bernice's love and commitment to serving others was the theme that ran through most commentaries.  Though Bernice was hired by the Board of Directors, she truly was the driving force behind every aspect of the business of running the house.  Bernice was the glue that held everything together, including the Board of Directors.  Her shoes were very difficult to fill!  However, there is comfort in knowing that she is not far away.  In the past several years since her retirement, she has been a regular volunteer at the House, supporting and encouraging others in their service to family members in crisis.


In January of 2006, Blount Hospitality House welcomed a new Executive Director, Marydae Sneed.  After graduating from Huntsville High, Marydae continued her education at Auburn University.  Upon graduation, Marydae moved to Atlanta and  worked for Post Properties.  Realizing that her heart belonged to non-profit, she left Post Properties to work for the Atlanta Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, where she managed a district that covered over 200 miles.  As a fundraiser and program director for the Council, she developed the skills needed to carry on the mission of the Blount Hospitality House, and moved home to Huntsville in January of 2006.  

We have made many changes to the Blount Hospitality House in the 5 years she has been with the organization and feel we are setting goals to maintain the House financially.  It is our hope to serve the families of patients that travel to Huntsville for medical treatment, for years to come.  Please call or stop by our House on Madison Street, to see what we have done!

Marydae with the National Director of Hospitality Houses as well as the National President, in Colorado.

610 Madison Street
Huntsville, AL 35801